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Welcome by Heather Main, racehorse trainer

Energy and spirit are the defining qualities of the thoroughbred racehorse.

Welcome to Heather Main Racing where you will experience the power and majesty of the racehorse and share in its joy of running. We spend a great deal of time finding the racehorse which is top of its class. Through careful selection of pedigree, physique, and temperament, we find the true athletes who with nurturing will become winners.

Each racehorse receives first class individual care from an expert team which is vital for achieving peak performance. It is apparent from our results that this attention has reaped its rewards.

Watch the interview with Heather

If Heather sounds like your sort of trainer please get in touch; we are always happy to discuss your requirements and welcome visitors to Kingston Common Farm.

Press coverage*

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Opera singer turned horse trainer sings Mozart in the stables as animals dance and whinny                                                                                                                                            From The Sunday Mirror 20th August 2017 see www.mirror.co.uk

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Never let it be said that British racing lacks variety.
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